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low concentration gas generator set

update:2016-07-16 00:00:00

series:low concentration gas generator set

detailed information

1、300 introduction of low concentration gas generator set

8300 low concentration gas generator set is developed on the basis of 8300 high concentration gas generator set, which is mainly applied to the mixed gas in the concentration range of 30% ~ 8%.

2、 use conditions:

low concentration gas source conditions: low concentration gas conveying pressure 5 ~ 15kpa and pressure change rate is less than or equal to 1kpa/min, change rate is less than or equal to 5%/min; impurity particle size less than or equal to 5 m, impurity content is less than or equal to 30mg / nm3, water content is less than or equal 40mg/nm3, not containing free water, the gas temperature is less than or equal to 40 deg c sulfur is equal to or less than 20mg / nm3.

3、 product technical features:

(1) adapting to the gas concentration range 30% ~ 8%, which is suitable for the large fluctuation of coal bed gas source, it can ensure the output power of the unit to be constant.

(2) low concentration gas delivery system, the cold wall of flame extinguished the fire resistance, wet seal of fire retardant and wet mist with send and other measures to ensure safe transportation, for the transportation of long distance pipe system can also be used mixed water mist with sent to deal with.

(3) the electric control carburetor, closed-loop automatic control technology, realization of gas engine air although ratio and optimum ignition advance angle of real-time control, through monitoring the detonation achieve ignition advance angle optimal control and make the engine work in the best condition to prevent engine deflagration, an air inlet pipe tempered, exhaust pipe blasting and other problems.

(4) using the american altronic company to produce the ignition system, in order to obtain high ignition energy and precise ignition time, to ensure the safety and reliability of ignition.

(5) generator speed low, reduce engine wear, prolong the service life of the parts, reduce spare parts reserve;

(6) the structure of the double layer water cooled exhaust pipe, the exhaust temperature is low, the combustion is full, and the temperature of each cylinder is uniform.

(7) the development of the gas engine intelligent management system, can ensure the safe and efficient operation of the gas engine, and can realize the remote monitoring of the gas engine group.

4、 the low concentration gas transportation system has the following security function:

a. wet seal low water level alarm and protection

b. wet seal low water level automatic water supply

c. pipeline gas concentration continuous automatic detection and low gas concentration alarm

continuous automatic detection of gas concentration in d. environment and high gas concentration alarm

e. gas concentration exceeded the power protection

fault alarm and automatic switching protection for f. main and standby water pump

g. circulating pool water level low alarm.

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