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biogas generator set

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300 series of biogas generator:

biogas is bacteria in anaerobic conditions decomposition of organic matter is a kind of product, high calorific value, is a kind of ideal gas power generation fuel, urban organic garbage, sewage treatment plant sludge, the rural people and livestock manure and crop straw, all can do to produce biogas feedstock. biogas power generation in domestic development speed in recent years very fast, has built biogas power generation project many to thousands of kilowatts, small to a few tens of kilowatts, in recent years, beijing, shandong, tianjin, zhejiang, jiangsu, shanghai, guangdong and other places has continued to build a biogas power generation project, a good economic benefit and social benefit.

internal combustion engine is the most ideal equipment for biogas power generation, my company production of the 300 series of biogas power generation unit, according to the characteristics of high sulfur content gas, and high co2 content, design optimization, has good stability and strong adaptability, in the field of biogas power generation has greater influence. because of the high grade energy and clean, green energy, the production cost is lower than the conventional energy production cost, so the market prospect is good.

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